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Tony Sperrin


Born in London 1960. He qualified as a Certified Accountant with MacIntyre Hudson in 1983.

Mr. Sperrin has been involved with Pineapple since its formation. He resigned as General Manager of the Willmotts Group in 2007 to devote his time to the growth and development of Pineapple Corporation.

Tom Henrik Berglund


Born in Helsinki 1947 and went to school and university in England.

Tom has been involved in the development of a wide range of successful businesses, including a refrigeration engineering company which was subsequently sold to a division of Generale des Eaux (later to become Vivendi), two health clubs which were sold to Holmes Place and Club Kensington, and various smaller entities which have been successfully sold.

In 1999 Mr. Berglund was a founding member of Pineapple Corporation Limited.

Mr. Berglund is actively involved and responsible for the investment acquisition and asset management of the Issuer.

David Charles Farley

Development Director

Born in London 1947. He is trained as an architect, and has run his own design and project management company for forty years.

David has been involved with Pineapple since its formation, dealing with all aspects of planning, design and construction.